Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

Bring more patients and increase reimbursement by delivering a complete allergy solution to your non-allergy practice!

A comprehensive allergy program is a central component to total patient care. Allergy is a primary care problem. You can have the solution. 

Features and Benefits
  • Point of Care (CLIA-Free) Allergy Skin Tests
    • Allergy testing performed in your clinic by your staff.
  • Opportunity for Long-Term Relief
    • Patient-specific immune-modulating treatment prevents disease progression.
  • Comprehensive Training and Support
    • Provider-developed training and outgoing consultative services.
  • Complete Allergy Kits
    • Includes everything needed for start-up and up-keep.
  • Extensive Marketing Support
    • Marketing materials and expert guidance to promote new allergy program.
Product Information

Starter Kit (Pays for itself with about 10 tests!)

  • Skin test applicators (for 20 tests)
  • Antigen (for approximately 150 tests)
  • Patient education and result forms
  • Measuring devices
  • Sample treatment sets

Refill Kit

  • Skin test applicators (for 20 tests)
  • Patient education and result forms