Summit Vista AVS

Summit Vista AVS - Advanced ABI/Vascular System

The Vista AVS is a full-featured ABI system designed to make the ABI and other arterial exams faster and easier to conduct, interpret and document. The system features an on-screen guide with a convenient hand-held controller to ease the ABI exam. The Vista AVS will also accommodate your custom protocols in a unique Fastview mode. 




Features and Benefits
  • ABI exam can be performed while patient is sitting, making it possible to easily assess patients with disabilities or mobility impairments.
  • Customize exam by selecting the number and location of arterial sites.
  • Obtaining pressures for the supine ABI, TBI and segmental exams can now be performed using the arterial photoplethysmograhpy (PPG) probe.
  • Automated cuff inflaction/deflation system.
  • Graphic waveform display with step-by-step exam instructions.
  • Automatic ABI, TBI and segmental calculation.
  • Bi-Directional doppler (8 MHz probe) with 9 blood pressure cuffs.
  • Pulse volume recording (PVR) modality.
  • Software for full-page reporting and exam storage, provides download capability in PDF, CSV, or DICOM formats (allows for integration with EMR systems)
Ankle Brachial Index Assessment
  • Above 1.30: Noncompressible artery
  • 1.00 to 1.29: Normal
  • 0.91 to 0.99: Borderline (equivocal)
  • 0.41 to 0.90: Moderate Disease
  • 0.00 to 0.40: Severe Disease
CPT Codes
  • 93922: Non-invasive physiologic studies of upper or lower extremity arteries, single level, bilateral.
  • 93923: Non-invasive physiologic studies of upper or lower extremity arteries, multiple levels or with provocative functional maneuvers, complete bilateral study.
  • 93924: Non-invasive physiologic studies of lower extremity arteries, at rest and following treadmill stress testing, complete bilateral study.
Product Information
  • On-screen guide
  • PVR
  • 8 MHz Doppler
  • PPG Auto Cuff Inflation/Deflation
  • Individual Site Mode
  • PC Software
  • Stand
  • 9 Cuffs
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Includes software revisions.
  • Excludes cuff and batteries.
  • Additional 1-year warranty can be purchased (for a total of 2 years)