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Can exercising too hard kill you?

Posted by Matt Berens on Jul 13th 2018

Can exercising too hard kill you?

This is a great article on the possible long-term effects of ‘high-level’ endurance exercise. Especially with weekend warriors doing marathons, Spartan Races and Triathlons. I, myself, as a triathlete, just recently had an opportunity to talk with a physician, and discuss details on my own heart performance, while using information from a Schiller Holter Monitor.

It’s comforting to know that the deaths of high level athletes are not linked to specific cardiovascular complications, but there is still plenty of room for research. Doing tests like EKG, Holter Monitoring and Stress Testing can save the lives of those trying to do the right thing by exercising, but not knowing their own bodies limitations.

Overall, it’s a necessity to regularly check your heart if you’re doing longer, strenuous exercise on a regular basis. Know your body, and get the tests performed by your physicians to do that. Any quality practitioner is using the above mentioned tools to assess your cardiovascular health.

At the end of the day, remember; racing and exercise, even if you’re getting paid, is not all life has to offer. Recognize when something doesn’t feel right. Don’t forget the time your body needs to do the opposite. To de-stress. To take a deep breath.