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Fitmate is the first desktop device designed for providing accurate Resting Energy Expenditure (REE, RMR) for all fields dealing with obesity and malnutrition. Prior to the introduction of Fitmate, accurate Nutritional Assessment was only available in hospitals and large clinics due to the cost and complexity of the systems. Now, Fitmate allows affordable, simple and quick measurement of metabolism, a fundamental component of any individual weight management program.

Features and Benefits

  •     Accurate Measurement of Resting Energy Expenditure
  •     Affordable, Portable, Compact, Easy to Use with Built-in Printer
  •     Energy Balance based Weight Management Plans
  •     Includes Software for Data Management, Lifestyle Analysis & Full Diet Plans
  •     Integration with Activity Monitor (optional)
  •     Validated vs. Gold Standard Technique

Tests Performed/Measured

Nutritional Assessment

  •     Resting Energy Expenditure (REE, RMR)
  •     Weight Management Program (Energy Balance)
  •     Physical Activity Monitoring (Integration with accelerometer)
  •     Diet Software w/weekly Meal Planner

Other Measurements

  •     Standardized Measurement (WHR, BP, RHR, BMI)
  •     Body Composition (skin-fold)
  •     Framingham Index

Product Information

Materials Included

  •     FitMate
  •     RMR - Flowmeter
  •     RMR masks (10 pcs)
  •     AC/DC Adapter
  •     USB Cable
  •     Fitmate PC Software (CD-Rom)
  •     Body Meter
  •     Oxygen Sensor

Technical Information

Warranty Information

    1-year warranty

Documentation/Sample Reports