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N95 NIOSH Approved Face Masks (12 boxes/20 per box)

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 N95 NIOSH Approved Face Masks. Comes in a case of 12 boxes, each box comes in a pack of 20. 

The respirator should be fit checked for each wearing. Place both hands completely over the respirator and exhale. If air leaks around the nose or the edges, adjust the nose piece and/or headbands until a good fit is achieved. 

Service Time Limitation: 

  • Do not use the same respirator for more than 8 hours, continuous or intermittent, in dirty workplaces that could result in high filter loading.
  • Leave contaminated area and remove respirator if breathing becomes difficult or proper fit cannot be obtained or the respirator is damaged, soiled or distorted. Do not use the same respirator once removed.
  • The maximum service time of this respirator is 5 consecutive calendar days (including days of non-use), beginning from the first day of use.