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Vestibular Balance Testing

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Vestibular Autorotation TestVATplus - Vestibular Autorotation Test

The Vestibular Autorotation Test (VAT) is an 18-second test (performed six times) of the high frequency horizontal and vertical VOR's for diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring of vestibular disease. Testing with the VAT often identifies problems not found with other vestibular tests, because the VAT tests natural, faster motions, and unlike other conventional vestibular tests, evaluates both the horizontal and vertical canals.


 Product Information

  • VAT
  • Control Box and USB Cable
  • Head Strap w/ Pre-Amp and Electrode Harness
  • Power Supply & Cord
  • VATplus Headset Extension Cable
  • VATplus Manual
  • Current VATplus Proprietary Software
  • VAT training CD
  • Starter Supply Kit
  • Control: Custom ASIS digital logic controller.
  • Two LCD Displays: Stimulus Output 1" X 2", Response Potentiometer 1" x 4"
  • Three Outputs: 5 Hz, 250 Hz and 2000 Hz each with waveforms and modulations covered by foreign and U.S. patents.
  • Output Maximum: 9.99 mA / 50 Volts.
  • Resolution Measurement: Non-Stepped Gradient.
  • Device Features: Audible Function Changes, Power On, Test Modality, Automatic Calibration, Auto Low Power Warning/Flashing Red Light, Auto Power-up at 250 Hz frequency setting.
  • Two Electrodes: One single large common ground 4" X 4", second gold tip electrode with disposable fiber saline impregnated.
  • Potentiometer: Conductive plastic with less than 1% dynamic noise measuring total amplitude of millivoltage and combined action potential and sub-threshold potential.
  • Response graphic display and computer printed hardcopy capable.
  • United States Clearances: FDA Class II device. Prototype granted Safe & Effective FDA marketing clearance December 1, 1997.
  • European Union Class - I with CE mark.
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty




Features and Benefits
  • Due to the easy to perform testing procedure, the VAT is often the first screening test for patients who complain of dizziness or balance problems.
  • Make better informed decisions regarding patient's dizziness and balance issues.
  • On-site training completed in less than one day.
  • Test can be preformed in 7 minutes with current staff, no specialists required.
  • FDA approved and reimbursed by medicare.
  • Break even with only two to three patient tests per month.